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Crochet Shell Stitch Summer Bag

CROCHET SHELL STITCH SUMMER BAG What you will need: Crochet thread three color, each ball 100gm.One crochet hook, size 3 mm ,one button, and lining cloth for inside the bag portion. This bag has prepared by simple shell stitch pattern.Shell stitch pattern-(2dc,1ch,2dc) 1 st Round -Chain 42, do not turn. In    the first chain1 chain, this is your first sc, 1 sc in every stitch. Repeat till end.   In the last chain 5 sc, do    not   turn then u make 1 sc in every stitch till end. 2 nd Round- First chain you make 5 sc, then 1 sc in every stitch. 3 rd Round- 1 sc in every stitch 4 th Round - 1    sc (single crochet)    in every stitch . 5 th Round- In the first chain you make 3 chain, this is your first double crochet (dc) . one more dc, 1   chain , 2 dc.(2dc,1ch,2dc) in the same stitch Skip 2 stitch, 2dc,1 ch,2dc (repeat) till end .In the same method you make ,how much u need the length of bag.   Belt of the bag- Take 10 stitches of the