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CROCHET TRIANGLE Crochet     Triangle     is an easy     Technique , can be used in home décor ,afghan and appliqué etc. ·        Materials-blue   ,pink   ,yellow   colors   worsed   weighted yarn .one 3.5 mm crochet hook and scissors. ·        Round1-make a magic ring,4dc,2ch,4dc,2ch,4dc,2ch ·        Round2-In the corner space,4dc,2ch,4dc in the same space ,skip 4 stitches ,in 2 nd corner 4dc,2ch, 4dc reapet one more times. ·        Round3-4dc,2ch ,4dc ,2ch ,4dc 2ch, reapet two more times. ·        Last round-1 sc in every stich but in corner more3 sc……..reapet till end. Thank you