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How to make crochet shorts

  How to make crochet shorts Crochet     shorts   is   One  of  the  best   cloth   for summer. You   can wear beach or in  travelling . The     shorts       is made from   yarn made ​​of it if you want   threads . This shots     is 1-2 years  baby  girl , first   you   take   measure of  the Waist   and  add it    again with the same rating Chain . zeba crochet design Material - Worsed weighted yarn- 100 gm each(2 color of yarn)   4 mm crochet hook. Method- v chain 60-80,join with slip stitch. make a circle.(measure your waist) v 3ch,count as first dc, 1dc in every 60 st…………. v 2 dc, skip 2 st,2 dc repeat it all around……….. v 2  dc,1 ch,2  dc in the first space ,skip 2 st, repeat it all around. v Make 7 row of shell st,pattern……… v Devide into two equal parts. v   In center make 4 chain and join it other side of shorts……….. v 2 lines s