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How to make crochet flower This free crochet pattern is not super simple and may be more suitable for an intermediate or confident beginner.   I like a cotton or cotton blend yarn, and I use two strands to make the flower more stable) Size G hook(1.50mm) zeba crochet design      ·        Chain-5,make a ring by slipstitch. 12 single crochet into this ring. ·          This flower is 6 petals flower. ·          I am using two color of cotton threads. ·        Cut the thread and join different color yarn and make 3chain(ch).     ·          3 treble crochet, in same stitch.3chain,and join with slip stitch in the next stitch. ·        First petal have finished,then repeat same stitch or ptals more 5 times.       ·        I think it would be very pretty embellishing a bag, or headband or used on a pretty Summer Scrapbook page ·          HAPPY CRO