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Crochet mini pouch

CROCHET MINI POUCH by zeba, This is the first bag that I have made in the pouch style.  All in all I am satisfied with the end result .I used cotton threads colors for the pouch. The bag is such a useful size and is perfect for taking on holidays and storing little items in your wardrobe  Abbreviations CH = chain HDC = half double crochet SL ST = slip stitch DC = double crochet Materials Yarn: cotton thread, Hook: 1.50mm  zeba crochet pattern          M ake one magic ring,ch10 ,2nd round 2sc in every  10 stitches.3rdround-1sc in every 20stitches………..  4 th round to8th round repeat same pattern.   4ch,count as 1 st dc,1ch,1dc in the first space, repeat  all around.skip2 st ,then repeat 1dc,1ch,1dc in the  same space. Repeat10-12 lines…………              I likes stripes so next line   make stripe(1sc in  every st)change color of threads…………..      Tie-80 ch, a