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Crochet tutu dress I prefer to dress tutu without sewing a few minutes. it becomes a nice dress , and makes it cute to your kids . It is very easy to make , you can crochet desgine best of the best , but I 'm going to tell you the easy way . First, what you’ll need is   crochet thread, crochet hook ,tulle, sissors, and whatever embellishments you want: flowers, ribbon, etc . zeba crochet design   1.      Cut the tulle in lengths that you like. I buy my tulle by the roll at Hobby Lobby. It’s rolled up 6in wide which is perfect for tutus. Then I cut the strips 20in long since it’ll be folded in half and become a 10in tutu .   2.   CROCHET TOP   - make60ch,make a ring, then 4dc,1ch,skip 2st,4dc……….repeat all around into the ring . 3.      4dc in first space, skip 4st,1ch,4dc ….repeat all around.make6 to 8 lnes same process .your tutu top is ready. zeba crochet design Fold a tulle strip in half, and push the