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CROCHET PINAPPLE SKIRT zeba crochet pattern I am going to tell you today Crochet Pin apple   stitch  skirt , white colored thread for this project . I 'm doing it at the top of   every color to match. I’m using Nature cotton crochet thread that I bought from  egypt I purchased 4 balls which should be enough for my  skirt. I actually bought three additional balls of this thread in  pink,green , and robust red. I am quite stocked up for the  future projects! Ø Ch 102,suitable for 12 to 13 years teenager girl,make circle. Ø 1 tr in every stitch. Repeat it all around. Ø 2 to 4 lines repeat same pattern . zeba crochet pattern Ø   2 ch,count as first dc,skip 1st,2 ch,1 dc in next st repeat all around.     Ø   6 to 8 lines repeat same pattern. zeba crochet pattern Ø   Pin apple stitch pattern-first make last frill of the skirt. Ø   3 dc in first