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Very easy crochet bolero

 This is crochet bolero size is  best for teenagers..  I have used cotton threads for   this pattern and 2.5 mm crochet  hook  first you make one big flower  ,then u make it in bolero  shape...... 5 ch, form a ring.12 sc in  the  circle,join with slst in first  ch. 3ch count as first dc, skip  the 2 stitches 4ch ,1dc in next st... repeat more 5 ti mes. 3dc, 1ch, 3dc in every  space,repeat 5 more times. 2 treble crochet in space, 6  ch,skip 3dc, then 1 treble  crochet repeat all around.. 10dc in each space..... skip 4stitches,make 20 ch ,skip 2 st next st one sl...4 st skip repeat all around. every loop u make 30 dc,4 sc,30dc repeat all around.  your big flower is ready. i have used simple shelly pattern for body  part , and many color of threads....... for detail you visit my  channel-  HAPPY  HOOKING