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Crochet Christmas stockings

Crochet     Christmas stockings zeba crochet pattern     Crochet     Christmas stockings are the most iconic and                festive  Christmas decorations.     This Simple Christmas Stocking tutorial  shows you how to     make    crochet  Christmas      stockings    .These  Christmas decorations     are easy,   quick, and will add a personal       touch  to your home      during the holiday season. Use your stocking as part a large     decorative display, and fill it with gifts on Christmas  morning.   Your loved ones      will enjoy opening their presents even  more   with these homemade    crochet stocking, -     What you will need - weighted  yarn or cotton threads(red,green   white )  color      3.5mm crochet hook or1.5 g hook for thread.      start with 32 ch,make first hdc in2nd  ch from your hook.after that   you      repeat 29 times in each st (1 hdc in every st).repeat 5 lines in same st.