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How to make crochet diaper cover

How to make crochet diaper cover What will need-cotton threads,1-5mm crochet hook,  buttons  Start with Ch 65, 1) SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC all the way across 2) Attach another color, CH 2, turn, DC across 3) CH 1, turn, SC across(change color) 4) Turn, SL ST next 16 sts, CH 2, DC next st, DC, next 33 st, leave rest un worked 5) CH3, turn, DC across 6) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 30sts, DC2TOG(change color) 7) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 28sts, DC2TOG(change color) 8) CH 3turn, DC2TOG, DC 26sts, DC2TOG(change color) 9) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 24sts, DC2TOG(change color) 10) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 22sts, DC2TOG(change color) 11) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 20sts, DC2TOG(change color) 12-19) CH 3 turn, DC across (do not fasten off). Finish: Ch1, SC around. Fasten off, Weave in ends. Materials:  Dark Pink cotton threads,Size 1.5mmCrochet Hook Abbreviations: DC= Double Crochet Connect skirt to top of   diaper cover  by single  crocheting .  starting