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How to make a Crochet Flower Bow

They are perfect for  head bands, frocks etc……It made with crochet cotton threads.In this pattern I ahave used 3 color threads and 4 mm crochet hook….. • Ch-12,2 more ch count as a first hdc(half double crochet).turn over and make 12 hdc in  next every 12 sts. • Repeat 12 lines of hdc • Devide it in equal lines and tie up with ur favorite color threads. • FLOWER-5ch,slipst in first ch, form a ring, make 10 sc(single crochet) in this ring.for first petal  worked in front loop (5 ch, in first front loop skip the next loop, in third loop 5 ch, repeat 5 times. • 1 sc,2 hdc,1 dc,2 hdc,1sc in every loop.In this flower I am working in back loop….6 ch in first back loop,skip next loop,then in third loopmake 6 chains repeat 5 times,next row make1sc,2hdc,2 dc,2 hdc,1sc…repeat same st 5 times…………in this flower I have used 2 color of threads. • Attach ur flower in center of ur bow • HAPPY CROCHETING • ZEBA TASNIM(CROCHET DESIGNER)