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How to make the baby dress with lacy sleeves This is a free pattern for you, whether your summer getaways going to be more fiesta ,i have got  ur crochet projects sorted. Hook cute little baby dress makes for travelling and find the fresh inspiration at the beach. Rico Essentials cotton D K (100%)Cotton,4 colors threads.A 3.5 mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, satin ribbon 2-3 button. Yoke - start with yoke   of the dress, This dress size is 6 to 9 months baby, so I have taken 9+18+18+18+9 total chain….total 72 chains. Raw 1-3 ch ,count as a first dc, make 8 th more dc in the next 8 th stitches ,in last st increased my stitch,1 more stitch dc,2 ch,2 dc(2 dc, 2 h,2 dc),then 18 dc in every 18 stitches, increase I more dc,2 ch, 2 dc…repeat 3 times then in last line in 9 th st. Raw 2-in this raw  increase ur stitches in space area,(2 dc ,2 ch, 2 dc )only in back side of ur yoke, start desgine from the sleeve portions…………