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Crochet barefoot sandals

Crochet   barefoot  sandals This pattern is specially for new crocheters . For this pattern I have used cotton threads.3 colors of threads and one hook 1 .5 mm, ·          Starting with 5 chains, make small circle.2count as a first hdc.2 more hdc,1ch.3hdc.1ch……….repeat. ·          Change the color of threads….6ch .,1hdc in every space.2hdc,2 ch,3hdc.2ch.. in net loop make  single crochet. change color of threads,make4hdc 5 chhd in every corner,2ch,skip2st and make  hd ch makehdc ,repeat  40chains,1 slip stitch in every stin crner make finger ....make chains,then make1slipst in every stitch. then make 40 chains in end point HAPPY HOOKING