Crochet Halter Top

This Halter Top  made for summer trendz.looks very beautiful but made  using by very easy crochet stich.Start from neck line....measure the neck line and take foundation chains.Take 41 chains+ 60chains for 2 side's ribbon.this is a foundation chains.
Turn and take 3 more chains count as a first dc.make 51 dc in next 51 ch .make 2dc 2 ch2 dc in51 st(center part of the halter top).make1dc in every 50stitches.
cut the yarn...if you want to change the color of can attach yarn in 30th stich of the first round.make 1dc in every 22st.2dc 2ch2dc in center of the top.make 22dc in  next 22stiches.left30 st for other side ribbon or belt..for detail you visit my you tube channel.


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