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How to make a christmas crochet crown Ear warmer for adult

This Ear warmer is specifically for Christmas celebrations.  This Ear warmer is suitable for women. What you will need Red ,white and green color yarn 4 mm crochet hook Craft scissor. INTRODUCTION (A)- Make 80 foundation chains. Join together with slip stitch(white color yarn). (B)- 3ch count  as a first DC. Make one DC in each 80 stitches. (C-)  3 chain count as a first DC. Make 1dc in front 1DC in back side stitch. repeat it in this round. (D,E,F,G)- Repeat same stitch.This is border of the ear warmer. (H)- Attach red color yarn make 1 DC in every 80 stitches. (I ,J ) - Repeat same stitch. CROWN-(  K)Skip  2 stitches...go to third stitches.make 5 tr crochet  3 ch go to the 3rd ch from hook make one Single crochet. Make 5 more Tr crochet  in the same stitch. Skip next two stitches. Make 5tr one pikot 5tr crochet in same stitch. Repeat it in this round. Finishing with green colors.... Happy   Christmas