How to make a crochet granny rectangle

Hello my crochetors.....Today I am writing about how to make a crochet rectangle in simple way.In this rectangle Iam using different color yarns in every can make pillow or blanket useing  this rectangle.Also use fabric lining for more strength.

What we will need for this pattern-
Crochet cotton threads( 5 colors)as per choice.
Crochet hook 2.50mm
Instruction- Start from 18 foundation chains.go to the 4th ch from hook make 1dc...first 3 ch count as a first double crochet more dc in same stitch skip next 2 stitche...make 3 dc stitch in next stitch.repeat this stitch 5 more times .Tun other side make 2 ch 3dc2ch3dc2ch3dc in corner space. in same stitch skip2 st make 3dc in next stitch.repeat itin this round.
Cut yarn and join anathor color yarn and start 2nd round...make 3dc in every space of the previous round.2ch3dc repeat and in corner repeat 3dc every corner space..
Cut yarn.join another color yarn for next round Repeat the same stitch next round .continue this stitch in every round as per ur required length. If you want to learn this granny rectangle from  tutorial then you watch my video.In this video I show how to make crochet granny rectangle in simple  way.Do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel.
Happy Crocheting
Zeba Tasnim


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