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Crochet frog Applique

This is a free pattern for crochet frog applique.Use itin kids blanket . What will need- Crochet hook 2 mm Crochet cotton thread (Green,black,white,pink) Scissor Craft needle Instruction- make 4 chains first 3 ch count as a first dc(double crochet) stitch.make 11 dc in this round.Total 12 dc st.join slip st together. 2nd Round- 2dc in each stitch.Total24 dc stitch in this round.join together with slip st. Ear of frog- make 6 hdc in same stitch.make one slip stitch in 3rd st.skip next 3 st repeat same stitch for anathor ear of frog.use craft needle for embroidery. Mouth-Use black  and pink color thread for mouth. Happy crocheting. Zeba Tasnim

Crochet Rooster

Very Beautiful patternšŸ¤© free pattern. Like my creations for more topics.In this crochet rooster I am showing how to make this rooster an easy way.plz follow me blogger. 1stRound- make 4 chains go to the 4 ch make 9 dc in same 10 dc stitch.join it slip stitch. 2nd Round- make 2dc stitch(20st) in every stitch.join slip stitch in last st. 3rd Round-make 2dc in each stitch total (40 stitches)join slip stitch in end. 4th Round-Make2dc in every st total 80 dc stitch.joinwith slip stitch              5th Rou nd                                   .......-fold ths circle and make 1singlcrochet in both side together.               6th Round-make 3 ch go to the 3rd ch from hook make picot.make sc in next stitch.skip last 3 stitches. 7th Round-(face of Rooster)  Make 3dc in every st.2 times.skip next one for mouth... 7th Round-take yellow color yarn for mouth make 8 ch join it slip stitch. TAIL-Take 2 strips of yarn and make 10 ch go to

How to make a crochet freeze handle cover

This is a free pattern for freeze handle cover.very easy and beautiful pattern.I am using cotton thread for this pattern. What will need- Crochet hook 2mm Crochet cotton and silk threads Cream,red,green,blue color threads Some buttons Sicssor First I am measuring my freeze handle ..width and length .After that I have started my project.I have started from width I have taken 24+2 foundation chains.make single crochet in next 3 lines.after that make 3 chain count as a first DC stitch.1 ch skip next st make 2 dc in next 2 stitches...repeat 2dc 1 ch sk 1 per ur required length.last 3 round make single crochet stitch. Attach 3 buttons in one side.attach some flowers and leaf also. Happy Crocheting♥️ Zeba Tasnim

How to make a crochet carrot applique

This is a free pattern.In this crochet carrot applique I am using2 color of crochet cotton threads. First Round-make 12 foundation chains. 2nd Round-Go to 3rd stitch ....count as a first doublecrochet stitch. 3rd Round-make 1dc stitch in next 4 stitches. 3hdc in next 3 stitches.2 sc in next 2 stitches. 1chain turn and repeat2 sc in next 2 stitches,3 hdc in next 3hdc stitchs.4 dc stitch in next 4 stitches.3 chain make slipknot in center. Carrot is ready. Leaf-Attach green color thread make slip knot.after that make 8 ch make slip st in same space.(repeat 2 more ttimes). Cut the yarn and wao....carrot is ready for use.This applique is very easy you can use it in kids blanket..any where..♥️šŸ¤©šŸ˜ Happy hooking. Zeba Tasnim