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How to make Crochet Rainbow Applique

This Croochet Rainbow Applique is for kids who loves natures.This  is looking natural ....and beautiful.In this pattern I am using rai7 rainbow attached clouds with rainbow. What we need-                                         Crochet hook  3mm                                  Seven colors of yarnand white color                                 for clouds                           Scissor  and craft needle.                                .              Instruction-                                 ..            1st Round-make7 foundation                chains.first ch count as a first               single crochet.                                                                                              make1sc in every stitchTota(l6single crochet. )                                           2nd Round-make 2 sc in every single 12 single crochet 3rd Round-make1ch in very first st.count as a sc.2sc in next...1sc in next