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Crochet Thomas train Engine

Wow very amazing train. Kids would love and excited... when they show this train is in tea shirt. We can attach it in kids blanket or hat also.                                  What will need-5 color cotton threads (red, purple, yellow, light blue, white) 2mm crochet hook Craft needle and Scissors                    Instruction- (Red Color) Start from 17 foundation Ch. turn 1st Ch. Count as a first sc. make sc. in every stitch. Make 1sc in every stich. Repeat the next 4 round.1hdc in every stitch.                                               5th round-make 1 hdc in next   10 stiches skip last 6 stitches. Repeat 4 more round. Last round use yellow color thread. Front Engine-Make 2 sc in very first st.1sc in every this round. Wheel-Make 2 sizes wheel for big and other one little bit small. Make 3 Ch. Go to the 2nd Ch. Make hdc.12 hdc into ring. Cut extra yarn. Make big wheel ...make 3 chain go to the 3rd St. make 12 Dc into this stitch. Cut yarn. Wheel