Crochet Shell stitch lace

I Love this crochet shell stitch lace.we can use this stitch in table runner also.we can attach it in cushion or pillow cover .

WHAT WE WILL NEED- 2.5 mm crochet  hook,cotton yarn

1st Round-Take foundation chains as per required length.(Multiple of 2+2)

2nd Round- 4ch (1double crochet+1ch)skip very 1st st 1dc in next stitch.Repeat it till the end.

3rd Round 3ch skip first space ,make 3dc2ch3dc in next space.skip next st make1dc 2ch 1dc in next space.Repeat it in this round.

4th Round- 3ch, repeat 3rd round.
Repeat the same pattern as per required lenth.


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