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How to make a crochet Daisy flower granny's square

  This Crochet granny's square  Daisy flower  pattern is a very easy pattern for new  crochetors. I have used  silk threads for this pattern.If u want to make  a blanket or throw  then u can join many Squares.  What  you will need Silk threads ( 3 colors) Red,yellow and white  Crochet  hook-1.25 mm Craft  scissor  INTRODUCTION- make 5 foundation  chains, make 1 DC in 5th chain from ur hook.1 chain,1dc in the same stitch,make 12 DC in this round. 2nd Round- Attach another  colour  thread( white).make 3 ch make puff stitch,2ch in very first space. Make 12 puff stitch in this round.  3rd Round- attach  red colour thread .Now we are making the square of the flower. Start from 3 chain count as a first DC.make 2 more DC in same space( very first gap).3 chain 3 more DC in the same space.This is the part of corner.Go to the next space make 3 HDC. Go to the next space and make 3HDC.Go to the corner space and make 3 DC 3 ch 3 DC.Repeat the same pattern all around ur daisy flower.❤ Crochet Da