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How to make Crochet granny Star

Love this beautiful granny stars.Iam using scrap yarn for this pattern.we can attach motifs and make shawl for loved ones. We will need-scrap yarn, red,yellow,orange,green,as per your choice.3mm crochet hook. 1st round-Make slip knot.5 or 6 foundation chains.join it together with slip stitch.make ring.3dc2ch repeat 5 times in this round. 2nd round-Attach 2nd color of yarn,make 3dc2ch3dc in every corner space. 3rd round-Make1 sc in small space between dc st.1ch 1sc,1hdc,1dc2ch1dc,1hdc,1sc 1ch in every corner space.repeat it 5 times. Beautiful pattern.hope you like it. Happy hooking Zeba

Crochet Crown Ear Warmer

 ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’— Crochet Crown Ear Warmer This is a very beautiful๐Ÿ’— pattern of crochet crown Ear warmer. We can make it only few hour. In this pattern I am using baby soft yarn and 2.5 mm crochet hook .This crochet crown Ear warmer is for 0 to 3 months size. Introduction - ♥️ Take 7 foundation chains. Take 2 more chains count as a first hdc [half double crochet].make 1 h dc in next 6 stitches.2 chain in last stitch turnover make 1 hdc in every back loop only.   ♥️ Repeat same stitch in 12 lines or required size. First measure crown {head} diameter. After that join together of the two parts....with single crochet. ♥ ️Next round-1 hd c in next every stitches. ♥ ️Next round- make one hdc in the last back loop only. ♥️ Repeat 3 lines. CROWN - ♥️ ๐ŸŽ„ ♥ ️ski p   2 stitches, make 5 DC, 3ch, go to the third Ch. from hook make one SC, 5dc, in next (same) st..Skip 2 stitches, repeat same stitches all around. This is the last round of the crown. Cut yarn, fasten off. We ca

How to make a crochet v stitch

Learn the  crochet V-stitch  with our simple step-by-step tutorial. Then, practice your new skills with a few patterns  I love how one row of  v - stitches  looks like a zig-zag. You could alternate colors every row, make blocks of colors, or stripes.    The stitches used create an even and textured look ... project for beginner and easy-level crocheters!   What you will need 3mm crochet hook 3 to 4 colors cotton threads introductions Take foundation chains multiple by2 and 3 more last 3 chains count as a first dc..skip the very first stitch and make 1dc 1 ch 1dc in same stitch...skip next stitch make 1dc 1ch 1dc in next stitch repeat it in this round....   2nd round-3chain count as a first dc....1dc 1ch 1dc in every space between 2 dc stitch of the previous round....repeat...   you repeat this pattern as per need...for more detail.. follow my you tube video HAPPY CROCHETING ZEBA TASNIM 


Learn how to  crochet  the simple colourful  Block Stitch  in minutes with this easy video tutorial! The stitch is perfect even for  crochet  newbies.  perfect for baby blankets. You can make lots of combinations! This  tutorial explains the basic techniques for this stitch, which can also be known as the Chocolate Box, or plain Box Stitch...... What you will need Two colors yarn or cotton threads.. Any yarn can be used for this stitch, and there is no gauge. crochet hook.                                                                                           st = Stitch    ch=chain   sc=single crochet    dc=double crochet    sk  = skip         ROUND-1 Chain multiple by 3 +2..first 2 count as a first  DC.make 1dc in every stitch. ROUND-2 One sc in first stitch skip next 3 dc stitch,3 chains,go to the next stitch make one single crochet{sc},  repeat it in this round...... ROUND-3 3 Chain count as a first dc,make 3 dc in next loop.,go t