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This skirt for newborn baby...I am using soft yarn. one crochet hook size3.5 mm.In this skirt you can attach inner . What will need- Soft Baby yarn-3 colors each 50 grams  one  3.5 mm crochet hook First round- Take foundation chains multiple by 10 I am taking 60 chains{0 to 3 months} Second round-3 ch count as a first DC{double crochet} make 1 DC in every single stitch.join it with slip stitch  in third ch of the begining chain. Third round-3 ch count as a first more DC in next stitch .2 ch skip next 2 stitches..2 DC in next two stitches.repeat  all around. Forth round-1  DC in every stitch.join with slip st in beg chain. Fifth round-Make 3 chain+4 chains skip 3 stitches make 1 clusters in the 4th stitch. 2ch 1 DC in next stitch 2 ch make 1 clusters in next stitch.make 4 ch skip next stitches make 1DC in next stitch.repeat it all around. Sixth round-3 ch count as a first dc.4 ch skip 3 stitches. make first