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Learn how to  crochet  the simple colourful  Block Stitch  in minutes with this easy video tutorial! The stitch is perfect even for  crochet  newbies.  perfect for baby blankets. You can make lots of combinations! This  tutorial explains the basic techniques for this stitch, which can also be known as the Chocolate Box, or plain Box Stitch...... What you will need Two colors yarn or cotton threads.. Any yarn can be used for this stitch, and there is no gauge. crochet hook.                                                                                           st = Stitch    ch=chain   sc=single crochet    dc=double crochet    sk  = skip         ROUND-1 Chain multiple by 3 +2..first 2 count as a first  DC.make 1dc in every stitch. ROUND-2 One sc in first stitch skip next 3 dc stitch,3 chains,go to the next stitch make one single crochet{sc},  repeat it in this round...... ROUND-3 3 Chain count as a first dc,make 3 dc in next loop.,go t

How to make a crochet collar

This crochet collar size is suitable for 3 to 6 months baby. If u want to make a big size then increase beginning  chains. Materials- ZEBA CROCHET PATTERN Soft cotton threads( 2 colors) Crochet hook size 2 mm Craft needle Pearl Methode- (1)Start from 50 plus+2 more chains Count first h dc....repeat 1 h dc in every single stitch. (2)3 chain. .count as a first dc .skip second stitch...*1 dc, 1ch,1 dc in 3rd stitch,skip next stitch,then 1 dc*(repeat) (3)3 chain  ch.  .count  out as a first dc,2 more dc, 1 ch,2 more dc in next loop.1 dc in next dc stitch. repeat (4)1 chain count as a first s c...7 dc in next loop between dc. make 1 s c in next dc.repeat it at the end...make one button hole in last st. Happy hooking Zeba  Tasnim ZEBACROCHET PATTERN B ZEBA CROCHET PATTERN A