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Monday, 24 May 2021

Crochet cupcake Applique

These crochet cupcake applique can be used in clothes,blanket or any craft project.
what will need-
(Red,yellow,whiteand pink)srape yarn
3mm crochet hook
Craft needle
Introduction- Take foundation chains(multiple of 2+1)
I have taken 13 chains
1st Round-1double crochet stitch in 3st from hook.2more doublecrochet  in same stitch.1ch skip 2 stitch3dc in next st...repeat in this round.
2nd Round-Turn...skip 3st go to the space with slip stitch.make3dc2ch..skip next 3st go the space make3dc 1ch...

3rd Round-Attach 2nd color yarn make 3dc in 1st round st.
5th Round--skipvery first3dc st go to the space with slip stitch make 3dc1ch...3dc in next space2ch3dc in next.
6th Round-Attach 3rd color yarn.go to the first space.make3dc1ch skip next 3st make3dc in next stitch.
7th Round-Attach 4th color yarn .(Cherry) make bubble stitch in space between dc stitch.Use red color yarn for cherry.
This is a very simple and unique pattern of crochet cupcake applique.We can make it easily.❤
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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Crochet Thomas train Engine

Wow very amazing train. Kids would love and excited... when they show this train is in tea shirt. We can attach it in kids blanket or hat also.                                 

What will need-5 color cotton threads (red, purple, yellow, light blue, white) 2mm crochet hook Craft needle and Scissors                   


(Red Color) Start from 17 foundation Ch. turn 1st Ch. Count as a first sc. make sc. in every stitch. Make 1sc in every stich. Repeat the next 4 round.1hdc in every stitch.                                              

5th round-make 1 hdc in next   10 stiches skip last 6 stitches. Repeat 4 more round. Last round use yellow color thread.

Front Engine-Make 2 sc in very first st.1sc in every this round.

Wheel-Make 2 sizes wheel for big and other one little bit small.

Make 3 Ch. Go to the 2nd Ch. Make hdc.12 hdc into ring. Cut extra yarn. Make big wheel ...make 3 chain go to the 3rd St. make 12 Dc into this stitch. Cut yarn. Wheel is ready. Attach it with craft needle in engine. Make a small square and attach in engine. We can change color of yarn as per choice.

Happy crocheting

Zeba Tasnim


Friday, 30 June 2017

Crochet glasscover

It is made with cotton threads....2 mm crochet hook .start from 5 ch...make circle...3 dc in first stitch...skip next st..3 dc in next...repeat the end

1st round - take 5 chains. ..make circle by joining the beginning of stitch.
2nd round-14 single crochet in this circle.
3rd round-28 single crochet (2sc in every stitch)
4th round-1sc in first stitch.2sc in 2nd st...repeat st in this round.
5th round-1 sc in next 2 stiched. 2 sc in 3rd stitch....repeat at the end.
Check ur glass diameter and increase stitch as per required....
1 sc  in every single stitch.
Pattern-3dc in very first stitch,skip next 2 st,3dc in next st...repeat it ...
3dc in first space, 1ch,3dc in next space....repeat

Make length as per required size.

Take anathor color yarn or threads make 5 ch in very first st...1sc

 in 3rd ch from ur hook. Make picot.repeat at the end......