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This is a free pattern... Crochet Water Melon Coaster... What you will need worsted weight yarn-3 color white/red and  green crochet hook=3 mm ,Craft  needle and scissor METHOD - First round - Use  red color yarn Make one slip knot and 2 more chain..Go to the third ch from ur hook..make 10   double crochet{dc} Second Round - 3 ch count as a first dc. 1 dc in same stitch...make 2 dc in every stitch... stitch Third Round- Change the color of yarn Attach white color of yarn in any st of 2nd round. make 2 single crochet in every stitch... Fourth Round- Change the color of yarn, Attach green color yarn in  any stitch of the third round make slip stitch .count as a  first single crochet, make 1 single crochet in next  4 stitch, 2 single crochet in 5th stitch. repeat it in this round,   This is the last round....after that u take craft needle and take  black color threads.. for dot in coaster... make simple stich of embroidery.. This coaster is specialy

How to make a crochet flower coaster

This crochet flower coaster made by crochet threads. 1.50 mm crochet hook.start with 3 chain. Make 6 /8 dc in 3rd stitch. 2 dc in each stitch . 2dc,1ch,skip the next stitch,repeat it all around. 3dc,1ch,3dc in every gap/loop.make 1sc in 2nd dc.repeat.when flower complete..make..1 ch,in every only front side.... Happy hooking Zeba tasnim 

Crochet glasscover

It is made with cotton threads....2 mm crochet hook .start from 5 ch...make circle...3 dc in first stitch...skip next st..3 dc in next...repeat the end 1st round - take 5 chains. ..make circle by joining the beginning of stitch. 2nd round-14 single crochet in this circle. 3rd round-28 single crochet (2sc in every stitch) 4th round-1sc in first stitch.2sc in 2nd st...repeat st in this round. 5th round-1 sc in next 2 stiched. 2 sc in 3rd stitch....repeat at the end. Check ur glass diameter and increase stitch as per required.... 1 sc  in every single stitch. Pattern-3dc in very first stitch,skip next 2 st,3dc in next st...repeat it ... 3dc in first space, 1ch,3dc in next space....repeat Make length as per required size. Take anathor color yarn or threads make 5 ch in very first st...1sc  in 3rd ch from ur hook. Make picot.repeat at the end...... HAPPY  HOOKING Zebata