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Thursday, 25 August 2022

How to make Crochet granny Star

Love this beautiful granny stars.Iam using scrap yarn for this pattern.we can attach motifs and make shawl for loved ones.
We will need-scrap yarn, red,yellow,orange,green,as per your choice.3mm crochet hook.
1st round-Make slip knot.5 or 6 foundation chains.join it together with slip stitch.make ring.3dc2ch repeat 5 times in this round.
2nd round-Attach 2nd color of yarn,make 3dc2ch3dc in every corner space.
3rd round-Make1 sc in small space between dc st.1ch 1sc,1hdc,1dc2ch1dc,1hdc,1sc 1ch in every corner space.repeat it 5 times.
Beautiful pattern.hope you like it.
Happy hooking

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Crochet Crown Ear Warmer

 πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’—Crochet Crown Ear Warmer

This is a very beautifulπŸ’— pattern of crochet crown Ear warmer. We can make it only few hour. In this pattern I am using baby soft yarn and 2.5 mm crochet hook .This crochet crown Ear warmer is for 0 to 3 months size.

- ♥️Take 7 foundation chains. Take 2 more chains count as a first hdc [half double crochet].make 1 h dc in next 6 stitches.2 chain in last stitch turnover make 1 hdc in every back loop only.


♥️Repeat same stitch in 12 lines or required size. First measure crown {head} diameter.
After that join together of the two parts....with single crochet.
️Next round-1 hdc in next every stitches.
️Next round- make one hdc in the last back loop only.
♥️Repeat 3 lines.

♥️πŸŽ„️skip 2 stitches, make 5 DC, 3ch, go to the third Ch. from hook make one SC, 5dc, in next (same) st..Skip 2 stitches, repeat same stitches all around. This is the last round of the crown. Cut yarn, fasten off. We can attach some beads in the middle of crown.

πŸŽ„♥️πŸŽ„♥️Thank you



Monday, 24 May 2021

Crochet cupcake Applique

These crochet cupcake applique can be used in clothes,blanket or any craft project.
what will need-
(Red,yellow,whiteand pink)srape yarn
3mm crochet hook
Craft needle
Introduction- Take foundation chains(multiple of 2+1)
I have taken 13 chains
1st Round-1double crochet stitch in 3st from hook.2more doublecrochet  in same stitch.1ch skip 2 stitch3dc in next st...repeat in this round.
2nd Round-Turn...skip 3st go to the space with slip stitch.make3dc2ch..skip next 3st go the space make3dc 1ch...

3rd Round-Attach 2nd color yarn make 3dc in 1st round st.
5th Round--skipvery first3dc st go to the space with slip stitch make 3dc1ch...3dc in next space2ch3dc in next.
6th Round-Attach 3rd color yarn.go to the first space.make3dc1ch skip next 3st make3dc in next stitch.
7th Round-Attach 4th color yarn .(Cherry) make bubble stitch in space between dc stitch.Use red color yarn for cherry.
This is a very simple and unique pattern of crochet cupcake applique.We can make it easily.❤
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Happy crocheting❤πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œfollow me on instagramme-

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Crochet Thomas train Engine

Wow very amazing train. Kids would love and excited... when they show this train is in tea shirt. We can attach it in kids blanket or hat also.                                 

What will need-5 color cotton threads (red, purple, yellow, light blue, white) 2mm crochet hook Craft needle and Scissors                   


(Red Color) Start from 17 foundation Ch. turn 1st Ch. Count as a first sc. make sc. in every stitch. Make 1sc in every stich. Repeat the next 4 round.1hdc in every stitch.                                              

5th round-make 1 hdc in next   10 stiches skip last 6 stitches. Repeat 4 more round. Last round use yellow color thread.

Front Engine-Make 2 sc in very first st.1sc in every this round.

Wheel-Make 2 sizes wheel for big and other one little bit small.

Make 3 Ch. Go to the 2nd Ch. Make hdc.12 hdc into ring. Cut extra yarn. Make big wheel ...make 3 chain go to the 3rd St. make 12 Dc into this stitch. Cut yarn. Wheel is ready. Attach it with craft needle in engine. Make a small square and attach in engine. We can change color of yarn as per choice.

Happy crocheting

Zeba Tasnim


Saturday, 2 May 2020

How to make a crochet granny rectangle

Hello my crochetors.....Today I am writing about how to make a crochet rectangle in simple way.In this rectangle Iam using different color yarns in every can make pillow or blanket useing  this rectangle.Also use fabric lining for more strength.

What we will need for this pattern-
Crochet cotton threads( 5 colors)as per choice.
Crochet hook 2.50mm
Instruction- Start from 18 foundation chains.go to the 4th ch from hook make 1dc...first 3 ch count as a first double crochet more dc in same stitch skip next 2 stitche...make 3 dc stitch in next stitch.repeat this stitch 5 more times .Tun other side make 2 ch 3dc2ch3dc2ch3dc in corner space. in same stitch skip2 st make 3dc in next stitch.repeat itin this round.
Cut yarn and join anathor color yarn and start 2nd round...make 3dc in every space of the previous round.2ch3dc repeat and in corner repeat 3dc every corner space..
Cut yarn.join another color yarn for next round Repeat the same stitch next round .continue this stitch in every round as per ur required length. If you want to learn this granny rectangle from  tutorial then you watch my video.In this video I show how to make crochet granny rectangle in simple  way.Do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel.
Happy Crocheting
Zeba Tasnim

Monday, 9 July 2018


This skirt for newborn baby...I am using soft yarn. one crochet hook size3.5 mm.In this skirt you can attach inner .

What will need-
Soft Baby yarn-3 colors each 50 grams 
one  3.5 mm crochet hook
First round- Take foundation chains multiple by 10

I am taking 60 chains{0 to 3 months}
Second round-3 ch count as a first DC{double crochet} make 1 DC in every single stitch.join it with slip stitch  in third ch of the begining chain.

Third round-3 ch count as a first more DC in next stitch .2 ch skip next 2 stitches..2
DC in next two stitches.repeat  all around.

Forth round-1  DC in every stitch.join with slip st in beg chain.

Fifth round-Make 3 chain+4 chains skip 3 stitches make 1 clusters in the 4th stitch. 2ch 1 DC in next stitch 2 ch make 1 clusters in next stitch.make 4 ch skip next stitches make 1DC in next stitch.repeat it all around.

Sixth round-3 ch count as a first dc.4 ch skip 3 stitches. make first clusters in first space between dc stitch and cluster stitch .2 ch make 1 DC in next st .2 ch 1 clusters in next space.repeat

Seventh to ninth round-repeat same pattern as required length
The cluster stitch can be created with a varying number of stitches in the cluster. Follow the instructions for the number of stitches used in your pattern. For this version yo, insert hook in st, yo, pull through st, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook, (yo, insert hook in same st, yo, pull through st, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook) 3 times, yo, pull through all 4   lp s on hook, ch 1.
Last round-make 3 dc 2 ch 3 dc in same stitch.skip 2 st make one single crochet in next st.skip 2 stitches make 3 dc 2 ch 3 dc in next st,repeat all belt or ribbon insert in waist part.


Monday, 2 July 2018

Crochet Wallet written pattern

This wallet is made with many color of  cotton yarns.I am using crochet hook size 3.5 mm .Take foundation chains-30+1=31 chains. Turn over and make 1 chain count as a first single crochet.make 1 single crochet in every stitch.Turn over make 3 ch count as a first dc.make 1 dc(double crochet) in every stitch.Turn over 1 sc in every stitch.
repeat this pattern in 10th row.
Fold in equal size and sew it.with crochet the bottom part make 4 ch skip 3 stitch make 1 sc. repeat it only bottom side.
For upper part.attach another color yarn make 5 dc in between middle part of the round 1sc in every st. 2dc 2ch in next stitch. 1sc in next row in every stitch.repeat 2dc 1ch 2dc in next row.turn over 1sc in every stitch.
3dc 3ch go to the 3rd ch from ur hook make slip stitch.3 more dc in same space. go to the next space make 1 sc. repeat this pattern.
attach one button in middle of the purse.
Happy Hooking

Monday, 28 May 2018


This is a free pattern...Crochet Water Melon Coaster...

What you will need
worsted weight yarn-3 color
white/red and  green
crochet hook=3 mm
,Craft  needle and scissor
First round-
Use  red color yarn Make one slip knot and 2 more chain..Go to the third ch from ur hook..make 10 
 double crochet{dc}
Second Round-
3 ch count as a first dc. 1 dc in same stitch...make 2 dc in every stitch... stitch

Third Round-
Change the color of yarn Attach white color of yarn in any st of 2nd round. make 2 single crochet in every stitch...
Fourth Round-Change the color of yarn,
Attach green color yarn in
 any stitch of the third round
make slip stitch .count as a
 first single crochet,
make 1 single crochet in next
 4 stitch,
2 single crochet in 5th stitch.
repeat it in this round,
  This is the last round....after that u take craft needle and take
 black color threads..
for dot in coaster...
make simple stich of embroidery..
This coaster is specialy for summer time..
you can make it..



Monday, 16 April 2018

How to make a crochet v stitch

Learn the crochet V-stitch with our simple step-by-step tutorial. Then, practice your new skills with a few patterns I love how one row of v-stitches looks like a zig-zag. You could alternate colors every row, make blocks of colors, or stripes.  The stitches used create an even and textured look ... project for beginner and easy-level crocheters! 
What you will need
3mm crochet hook
3 to 4 colors cotton threads


Take foundation chains multiple by2 and 3 more
last 3 chains count as a first dc..skip the very first stitch and make 1dc 1 ch 1dc in same stitch...skip next stitch make 1dc 1ch 1dc in next stitch repeat it in this round....

 2nd round-3chain count as a first dc....1dc 1ch 1dc in every space between 2 dc stitch of the previous round....repeat...

 you repeat this pattern as per need...for more detail.. follow my you tube video


Saturday, 24 March 2018


Learn how to crochet the simple colourful Block Stitch in minutes with this easy video tutorial! The stitch is perfect even for crochet newbies.
 perfect for baby blankets. You can make lots of combinations!

This  tutorial explains the basic techniques for this stitch, which can also be known as the Chocolate Box, or plain Box Stitch......
What you will need
Two colors yarn or cotton threads..Any yarn can be used for this stitch, and there is no gauge.crochet hook.

  1.    st = Stitch
  2.    ch=chain
  3.   sc=single crochet
  4.    dc=double crochet
  5.    sk  = skip 

       ROUND-1 Chain multiple by 3 +2..first 2 count as a first
 DC.make 1dc in every stitch.

ROUND-2 One sc in first stitch skip next 3 dc stitch,3 chains,go to the next stitch make one single crochet{sc},  repeat it in this round......

ROUND-3 3 Chain count as a first dc,make 3 dc in next loop.,go to the next..loop make 3dc...repeat.
detail plz follow my video tutorial