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Crochet snow man Ornament

This snow man is very easy pattern.. What will need- worsted weight yarn 3 color red,green,white 2 color cotton threads  (black and orange) 3 mm crochet hook ( Body) 1st round-5 ch.join with slip stitch. Form a ring. 10sc in this round 2sc in every stitch.  Body part of the snow man .1sc in first stitch, 2sc in second stitch. Lft last 3 st. (Head ) 5ch. make circle by slipstitch.6sc in this circle 2sc in every stitch. 1 sc in first st ,2sc in next.left 3 stitches. Attach both circle with craft needle. (Hat) - 12 ch 1sc in every stich. Repeat 2 rows. Skip 2 stitches  ,make 1sc in next 8 stitches left 2 stiches of the end. Repeat 3 rows make 7 ch in middle stiches itch. For hanging. (Scarves) 30 ch,make 1dc in every stich.. Eyes and nose- tiny circle of sc. Attach it in craft  needle. For more detail Plz visit my you tube channel. .                               

Crochet mini wreath

This crochet  mini  wreath have made for coming Christmas  party...I have made  it using yarn and threads.2 sizes of hooks.dark green, light green color thread,and red color worsed weight yarn. Hook size is 3.5mm, craft  needle. 1st round- make 50 foundation  chain for this size if u want big then increase  foundation chains. 2nd round - Go to the 3rd ch from ur hook,  count as a first dc. Make 2 more dc in the same st.repeat 3dc in every single stitch. Automatically ur work will curved.....☺then u ready for next round.... 3rd round -Attach light green color thread...make 1sc,3 ch goto the 3rd ch make one sc in next st...repeat it. After that curved ...and sew it with green color yarn .make one bow attach it in ur wreath....    Zeba Tasnim