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Crochet minion cap

Zeba Tasnim This is very easy will need yellow  colour  yarn ,black , blue, and crochet  hook . let's start. 1st round -4 ch, join with slip  stitch  in beginning  of chain.form a small  ring. make 10sc in this ring. 2nd round -1 chain count  as  a  first sc (single  crochet).Make 1 sc in same stitch (first). 2 sc in next 9 st (20). 3rd round -1sc in very first st,2sc sc in next...repeat it in this round. 4th  round - 1sc in next 2 stitches,2sc in next st...repeat it in this round. 5th round - 1 sc in next 4 stiches,2sc sc in 5th  stich.repeat in this round. 6th to 8th round -1sc in every stich . don't increase any stitches. 9-10th round- Attach black color yarn .make 1sc in every stich.repeat 2 lines. 11 to16 round - work with yellow. 1sc in every stitch.  17 to 19th round - Attach  blue colour  yarn .make 1sc in every stich. Eyes-  Take black colour yarn make ring .6 hdc in this ring.cut .yarn.attach white.2hdc in every stitc