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Crochet little Baby Dress

This is a crochet little baby dress.In this pattern I have used 2 color of baby soft yarn. 2.25 mm crochet hook. Round-1 start from neck line.make 38 foundation chains. Round -2 Turn and make 1 chain in very first stitch.make 1 single crochet in the every stitch in this round. Round -3 Attach 2nd color(orannge) and make 3 chain,count as a first DC. Make one more DC in  the same stitch.make 2 DC in every stitch in this round.76 (st) Round -4 make single crochet(sc) in every stitch in this round.(blue color) Round-5 make 3 ch in very first (orange color),count as a first DC,2 DC  in next stitch.Repeat this stitch (114) Round-6 make 1sc in every stitch expect shoulders.of the 2 side,skip the shoulder portion. Round-7 (bottom part of this frock) 2Dc in every stitch. Round-8 make 1sc in every st. Round-9 make 2Dc in first st.1 DC in second stitch. Repeat this (Round -9) in next 11 round.after that make frill. Make 3 ch,make sc in next st. Repeat it. Happy  crocheting🤩🤩🤩♥️


This is a simple baby dress,fit for 6 to 12 month baby.made using by weighted  yarn.It can be made by cotton thread. I have made this dress in one hour. This is a free pattern for all crochet beginners.Hope you will like it.                                                                                part-1                                                                     part-2 part-3                                                                           part-4                                   HAPPY CROCHETING