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HAIR PIN LACE GIRL TOP/VEST Published May 20 Yarn weight Worsted Hook size 1-5 mm   Tools & notions: Hairpin lace frame, set to 4" (10 cm) wide; tapestry needle; split-ring stitch marker .   This is a beautiful hairpin lace top for teenagers.Hairpin differs from most crochet methods in its use of a frame or loom (available in craft stores), Drop loop from hook, with hook behind frame. Insert hook from back to frontthrough same loop turn  frame clockwise from right to left keeping yarn to back of frame. This  allows the yarn to wrap around the wrap around the frame without the hook getting.                                                                      L oo p joining technique joins two strips through one or more loops at a time without any additional yarn. Use  tangled in the wrap, while retaining the position to continue stitching up the center. Insert hook under front strand of left loop, yarn over hook, pull lo