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Crochet Meterd granny square

This is a free pattern of crochet metered square. We will need two colors of yarn  2.5 mm crochet hook Introduction-  Make slipknot make 5 foundation chains.join it together with slip stitch..form a ring. 2nd round- 3double crochet stitch 2ch 3double crochet2ch repast 2 more times. 3rd round -Attach 2nd color yarn .I am using orange color yarn. start with3 double crochet 2ch skip next 3 stitchesmake3double crochet 2ch 3double crochet in next space skip next 3 stitches make 3dc in next space Turn it 4th round-3ch 3dc (double crochet) In next space 2ch3dc 2ch3dc in next corner space skip next 3stitches 2ch3dc in next space1dc. Repeat it in every per ur required size. like my creation .plz suggest if any dought.we can make big size blanket .we can make more pieces and join it together and make big size blanket. Happy