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Crochet snow man Ornament

This snow man is very easy pattern.. What will need- worsted weight yarn 3 color red,green,white 2 color cotton threads  (black and orange) 3 mm crochet hook ( Body) 1st round-5 ch.join with slip stitch. Form a ring. 10sc in this round 2sc in every stitch.  Body part of the snow man .1sc in first stitch, 2sc in second stitch. Lft last 3 st. (Head ) 5ch. make circle by slipstitch.6sc in this circle 2sc in every stitch. 1 sc in first st ,2sc in next.left 3 stitches. Attach both circle with craft needle. (Hat) - 12 ch 1sc in every stich. Repeat 2 rows. Skip 2 stitches  ,make 1sc in next 8 stitches left 2 stiches of the end. Repeat 3 rows make 7 ch in middle stiches itch. For hanging. (Scarves) 30 ch,make 1dc in every stich.. Eyes and nose- tiny circle of sc. Attach it in craft  needle. For more detail Plz visit my you tube channel. .