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Crochet train applique

This is a absolutely free pattern.This crochet train applique can be used in kids  and craft project.can attach in baby blanket. The completed train engine will look like this. Abbreviations st – stitch sts – stitches ch – chain sl st – slip stitch sc – single crochet hdc – half double crochet dc – double croche We will need  -6 color of yarn Red,green,blue,yellow,white and black Crochet hook -3,5 mm Scissors Craft needle BODY FOR TRAIN- (Red color)Make 16 foundation chains+2 ch count as a first sc. make 1 sc in every st across this round.2nd round-1hdc in every stitch. 3 more rounds in same stitch. 6th round-make10 hdc in next 10 stitches...skip 6 st.turn and repeat3 more lines.cut yarn and attach yellow color yarn.make 1hdc in every st.(10st)  Make wheel-12double crochet make circle...for wheel.make 2 wheel for red engine in same size wheel. For 2 boggy - make 12 ch.make 1hdc in every stich.repeat 4 round.cut yarn make 1hdc in every stitch with yellow yarn. 4 same stitch for 3rd bogg