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How to make a crochet v stitch

Learn the  crochet V-stitch  with our simple step-by-step tutorial. Then, practice your new skills with a few patterns  I love how one row of  v - stitches  looks like a zig-zag. You could alternate colors every row, make blocks of colors, or stripes.    The stitches used create an even and textured look ... project for beginner and easy-level crocheters!   What you will need 3mm crochet hook 3 to 4 colors cotton threads introductions Take foundation chains multiple by2 and 3 more last 3 chains count as a first dc..skip the very first stitch and make 1dc 1 ch 1dc in same stitch...skip next stitch make 1dc 1ch 1dc in next stitch repeat it in this round....   2nd round-3chain count as a first dc....1dc 1ch 1dc in every space between 2 dc stitch of the previous round....repeat...   you repeat this pattern as per need...for more detail.. follow my you tube video HAPPY CROCHETING ZEBA TASNIM 

How to make a crochet collar

This crochet collar size is suitable for 3 to 6 months baby. If u want to make a big size then increase beginning  chains. Materials- ZEBA CROCHET PATTERN Soft cotton threads( 2 colors) Crochet hook size 2 mm Craft needle Pearl Methode- (1)Start from 50 plus+2 more chains Count first h dc....repeat 1 h dc in every single stitch. (2)3 chain. .count as a first dc .skip second stitch...*1 dc, 1ch,1 dc in 3rd stitch,skip next stitch,then 1 dc*(repeat) (3)3 chain  ch.  .count  out as a first dc,2 more dc, 1 ch,2 more dc in next loop.1 dc in next dc stitch. repeat (4)1 chain count as a first s c...7 dc in next loop between dc. make 1 s c in next dc.repeat it at the end...make one button hole in last st. Happy hooking Zeba  Tasnim ZEBACROCHET PATTERN B ZEBA CROCHET PATTERN A