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Crochet tea cozy pattern

Love this cozy..this is a free pattern. Material - worsted weight yarn..multi colors 6mm crochet  hook Craft needle Buttons Methode - measures the length and width of kettle/tea pot. Round1-Take 22 ch,3 more chains for dc...1 dc in every st..repeat. Round2-1sc in every st..repeat Repeat this pattern 6 row.. Round7-6 dc in next 6 stiched. 10 ch...6 dc in next 6 st. Round 8 -  repeat 6 row (1  dc in every st,1sc in next row) Round-5dc in next 5 st.and sew button insert in last st. Top portion - attached flowers and ribbon as ur wishes Bottom portion - made frill of she'll pattern... HAPPY HOOKING Zebatasnim         