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crochet toy car

CROCHET   TOY   CAR   This is a free crochet pattern for an applique in a car shape, that would be cute sewn to a purchased plain sweater or added to a basic crocheted sweater for a child. Car Shape Starting Chain: With Color red, Chain13. Row 1:ch3,count first dc,2dc in same stitch. Row 2: dc1, each next last chain 3dc.) Row 3:   turn over Ch3,2dc in same stitches,then 1dc into the same next stitches. Rows 4 with color white,sc fist chain, 6 sc in the next stitches. Row5-turn over,dec 1sc,6 sc in the next stitches, 1 sc increase. Row6-dec Isc,5sc in the same stitches. Row7-Isc.then 3dc, 1 sc . Row8-For out   line u make sc in the out line. FOR WHEEL - I have used button . HAPPY CROCHETING