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How to make crochet heart

  This nice little crochet heart tutorial will help you gain confidence as you perfect your hobby. This crochet heart patterns  is made using by cotton threads. It made with cotton threads. For this pattern,I have used cotton threads and1.5mm crochet hook.   1stround-6ch,make one ring.3ch,count as first dc, 1ch,11more dc into this ring.         2ndround-3ch,count as firstdc,1more dc,1ch,2dc,repeat all around.   3rdround-3dc,1ch,3dc,repeat all around. 4th round-4ch count as treble,2more tr  and 1 ch,3tr(repeat one more time),3dc,1ch,4 times,3tr,1ch,3tr,in same space,1 ch,3tr,1ch,3tr,in3rd st.     last round-1sc, skip the 6 st,3ch,skip3 st,5dc,1ch,5dc,1ch,3dc,1ch,3dc,1ch,3hdc,1ch,3hdc,in centre5dc,repeat all around.       HAPPY HOOKING