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How to make a crochet granny stitch baby dress

Hi crocheters,this baby dress is unique collection of my all written pattern.You can make for beloved ones. What will need-3 colors of worsed weight yarn. one 2.25 mm crochet hook buttons and ribbons scissors Instructions-This dress  size is newborn size. Make 60 foundation chains.2chain count as a first hdc(half double crochet) in next 56 stitch , skip57th stitch make 1 chain 1hdc in 58th chain.& turn over  for second round.make2ch count as a first hdc 4 hdc in next 4 st.2hdc in next5th st.repeat this stitch in this round and 3rd round are same.repeat. 4th round.-3dc in first stitch. 2ch skip next 2 st make 3 dc in next stitch. Repeat in last st join together. make 3 dc in very first space between 2 dc stitch.ch2 skip 3dc st make 3dc in next space.repeat this pattern. Arm hole-6 ch  in arm space. 6th to8th round repeat granny pattern( stitch)9 th and 10th round  change the color of yarn. repeat  same stitch. EDGING- I have used shell stitch.3dc 3 ch go to the third