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Crochet plant hanger

This is a free pattern of crochet plant can make easily as per ur choice big or small.In this hanger I used multi colore yarn.4 mm crochet hook. How to start- Fist make 3 chains.make hdc in 3rd ch.make 12 hdc in this stitch.Then join it slip stitch. 2nd round- make 2hdc in every stitch in this round. 3rd Round-Increase 1hdc in every 3rd stitch. 4th to 7 round-make 2 DC in very first stitch.1DC in next 2 stitches..make 1hdc in all stitches  except last 2 stitches.Repeat 3 rounds the same stitches. Lastly make some chains in center of the top part of hanger.make a hook.your crochet miniplant  hanger is ready for use.🤩♥️🌈 Fro Detail plz visit my youtube channel .