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Crochet cupcake Applique

These crochet cupcake applique can be used in clothes,blanket or any craft project. what will need- (Red,yellow,whiteand pink)srape yarn 3mm crochet hook Scissors Craft needle Introduction- Take foundation chains(multiple of 2+1) I have taken 13 chains 1st Round-1 double crochet stitch in 3st from hook.2more doublecrochet  in same stitch.1ch skip 2 stitch3dc in next st...repeat in this round. 2nd Round-Turn...skip 3st go to the space with slip stitch. make3dc2ch..skip next 3st go the space make3dc 1ch... 3rd Round- Attach 2nd color yarn make 3dc in 1st round st. 5th Round--skipvery first3dc st go to the space with slip stitch make 3dc1ch...3dc in next space2ch3dc in next. 6th Round- Attach 3rd color yarn.go to the first space.make3dc1ch skip next 3st make3dc in next stitch. 7th Round- Attach 4th color yarn .(Cherry) make bubble stitch in space between dc stitch.Use red color yarn for cherry. This is a very simple a