How to make Crochet little girl purse

zeba crochet pattern
Zeba crochet pattern


50 gm  2 color  yarn(worsed weighted yarn),one small crochet flower

craft needle,  size of crochet hook-3.5 mm crochet hook.

Stitches used-

Chain(ch), double crochet(dc)

·       Chain the amount of stitches you want the bottom and top width of your bag to be. Between 20 and 30 should be good. This bag  have   made  with  simple  basic  stitch of crochet. This bag is rectangular shape.

·       Ch30,more 3 ch this is your first dc(double crochet).29 dc in every the last st make not turn ,continue the dc in 27 2dc in every 3 stof last st.

·       1dc in every st.repeat it all around.

·       8-10 lines repeat same st.

·        Handle of purse-purse middle st(10st),1dc in next 10 st, in middle 10 st here only make 10 ch,then10dc in next 10 st. otherside repeat same st.In last round 1 dc in every st.

           Attach one flower in side of purse.
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