Crochet tutu dress

I prefer to dress tutu without sewing a few minutes. it becomes a nice dress, and makes it cute to your kids. It is very easy to make, you can crochet desgine best of the best, but I'm going to tell you the easy way. First, what you’ll need is  crochet thread, crochet hook ,tulle, sissors, and whatever embellishments you want: flowers, ribbon, etc.
zeba crochet design


1.     Cut the tulle in lengths that you like. I buy my tulle by the roll at Hobby Lobby. It’s rolled up 6in wide which is perfect for tutus. Then I cut the strips 20in long since it’ll be folded in half and become a 10in tutu.

2. CROCHET TOP -make60ch,make a ring, then 4dc,1ch,skip 2st,4dc……….repeat all around into the ring.

3.     4dc in first space, skip 4st,1ch,4dc….repeat all around.make6 to 8 lnes same process .your tutu top is ready.

zeba crochet design

Fold a tulle strip in half, and push the hoop part through a bottom crochet hole in the tutu top

Pull the other end of the tulle through the loop to make a easy knot, pull it tight. Repeat all the way around the crocheted top.

Add the flower, and ribbon embellishments to finish it off. on a silver hair clip so it can be a hairbow, or clip onto the dress!I make the flower detach.



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