How to make crochet owl appliqué

How to make crochet owl appliqué
This crochet owl appliqué is very easy project for beginners and also children .I love this pattern…If        
you find a pattern for a crochet owl applique then you should whip it up to add to a plain beanie,

Zeba crochet pattern

              worsted weight yarn, color as per your choice…
              Crochet hook-4 mm
              Craft needle
               Craft- scissors

1.       Face-ch4,make small circle.12dc into this small       next row 2dc in every single stitch…
                  This is a finish round of crochet owl face.
Zeba crochet pattern

2.       Eyes-make 2 small circle of double crochet,(make3 ch,         join with slip stitch, make small 
         circle….second round-10 dc into this ring,3rd round-2sc        in first stitch, next 5 stitches 1 sc,repeat it))
Zeba crochet pattern

3.       Nose-5chains,1sc in second chains from hook,1hdc in next ch,2dc in next 2 stitches…

4.       Wings-make 2 wings in 2 side…half your circle and make         1   single crochet in first st,2  half double  crochet stitch 2nd stitch,2 dc in 3rd stitch.
Zeba crochet pattern

5.       Attach eyes and nose with craft needle in owl face…      decorate as per your choice, you can attach any small flower ..
happy crocheting


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